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My Family: Are you looking for a Paragraph about “My Family”? Don’t worry, In this article, we are going to share with you about “My Family Paragraph” We hope that by reading this Paragraph you will be more able to write this Paragraph in the Examination hall easily. We made this Paragraph easy for you. We are updating and publishing more Paragraphs for your Examination. You can visit our official website EduPoka for more updates.  So let’s check out your desired Paragraph My Family

My Family Paragraph 

A family is an important unit in our social lives. Man is a social being and therefore needs companionship from others. It is within the family that children get to learn of some of the most important values of life. The values that a child learns in the family helps prepare him or her how to handle the various challenges ahead. The child is also able to establish who he is as a person and this helps him become a good citizen. The great qualities like love, obedience, honesty imbedded in a child for the first few years of his life by his family help a lot. A good family is composed of individuals who care for each other and can do anything to help their loved ones. Some people are lucky and belong to close-knit families while others aren’t so lucky and belong to broken homes. Children bought up in complete homes are lucky and turn out to be great individuals but their counterparts aren’t so lucky and can affect them either emotionally or physically

“Parents are like God because you wanna know they’re out there, and you want them to think well of you, but you really only call when you need something.” ― Chuck Palahniuk

In many families, each member has roles with the father being the head, the decision-maker, and the supporter among other responsibilities. Mothers often take care of the household chores and ensure that everything is running smoothly in the household. The children’s responsibilities are as assigned by their parents A good family should instill the right morals in their children and teach them how to be the best people they can be. In complete families, members feel free and close to each other and are able to discuss and solve problems that a member is facing In modern time, people are busy and rarely have time for each other. People are busy working, furthering their education among other important things to better their lives. But it’s important for a family to always make time for each other. Nothing should be as important as family. It’s essential to ensure that as a family, you always find time to catch up and share. Family is one of the most important units that should be cherished and protected. Nothing should ever supplement your family

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