How to Transfer DU Balance

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How to Transfer DU Balance

Today, we will discuss some information about How to Transfer DU Balance. People want to know about this on the internet. We are just trying to give you the best & correct information. We hope it will be helpful to you!

To transfer the balance from one Du mobile number to another in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Du Self-Care App: You can download the Du Self-Care App from the App store, log in using your mobile number and password, and then select the “Transfer Credit” option. Here you can enter the recipient’s mobile number and the amount of balance you wish to transfer.

  2. USSD code: You can use the USSD code 135Recipient’s mobile number*amount# and then press the call button.

  3. Customer service: You can contact Du customer service by dialing 155 and following the prompts to transfer your balance.

Please note that there may be fees associated with balance transfers and that the recipient must also be a Du customer. Additionally, the transferred amount should be available on the recipient’s account instantly.

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