Gender Discrimination Paragraph Writing

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Gender Discrimination: Are you looking for a Paragraph about “Gender Discrimination”? Don’t worry, In this article, we are going to share with you about “Gender Discrimination Paragraph” We hope that by reading this Paragraph you will be more able to write this Paragraph in the Examination hall easily. We made this Paragraph easy for you. We are updating and publishing more Paragraphs for your Examination. You can visit our official website EduPoka for more updates.  So let’s check out your desired Paragraph Gender Discrimination

Gender Discrimination Paragraph 

Gender discrimination means the difference between males and females in respect of enjoying human rights. It begins at birth in Bangladesh. It is severe here. Female children, girls, and women are the worst sufferers. There are many reasons for this social curse. Parents think that girls are not suitable for many jobs. Moreover, in the existing socio-economic setup female children are not suitable for outdoor activities and earnings. Women are regarded as a liability to their parents. Religious misinterpretation, social customs and lack of education are also responsible for this. But because of this discrimination, the nation is getting deprived of the services of half of its population who are women. This hinders national development. This problem cannot be solved overnight. To solve this problem, we all should come forward and try heartily.

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