A Journey By Boat Paragraph Writing

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A Journey By Boat: Are you looking for a Paragraph about “A Journey By Boat”? Don’t worry, In this article, we are going to share with you about “A Journey By Boat Paragraph” We hope that by reading this Paragraph you will be more able to write this Paragraph in the Examination hall easily. We made this Paragraph easy for you. We are updating and publishing more Paragraphs for your Examination. You can visit our official website EduPoka for more updates.¬† So let’s check out your desired Paragraph A Journey By Boat.¬†

A Journey By Boat Paragraph 

I Made A pleasant journey that is always enjoyable for us. A journey by boat is especially very pleasant and enjoyable to me. It was the month of December. Our annual examination was over. So we have enough time to make a journey by boat. We decided to go to the Sundarban from Bagherhat. We were very happy and excited. We were six in number. We hired a beautiful, big boat. We got up very early in the morning and took our breakfast. We started our journey from Bagherhat at 8 am. There were two boatmen. The sky was clear. The river was calm and full to the brim. At first, the boatmen plied the boat with oars. When the wind was favourable they set sail. Soon the boat began to move fast. There were ripples. The boatmen were singing. We enjoyed the scenery of the river. We saw many boats big and small plying up and down. We saw fishermen were catching fishes in the river. Boys and girls were found swimming. Women were going home with jars filled with water. There were green fields on both sides of the river. Cattle were grazing there. At about 12 pm we reached the Sunderbans. We saw many wild animals there. We observed the natural beauty of Sunderban. We took our lunch at 2 pm. Having a little rest we started our return journey. It was late afternoon. The sun was setting. The crimson ray of the sun was reflecting in the water of the river. Soon It became dark all arround. Thousands of stars were twinkling in the sky. We enjoyed the beauty of the sky. We reached Bagherhat at 9 pm. Finally, it can be stated that the journey gave me much pleasure. It was the most pleasant journey in my life. I enjoyed it so much that the memory of the journey will remain ever fresh in my heart.

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